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Diana Vandervoort, best selling author of Temari instructions, is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, and holds a teaching credential in art. 

She has lectured and demonstrated Temari at the official reopening of the Los Angeles public library, as guest teacher for Embroiderers Guild of America. Diana teaches regularly in shops, to guild groups and conferences and will be a featured guest teacher at Quilt Camps at Sea 2009.

A regular favorite on Carol Duvall's Craft Show on HGTV, appearing on DIY Crafts and for years on Aleene's Creative Living with Crafts on TNN, Diana has made the beauty and enjoyment of Temari available to everyone!

Temari is 1000 years old. 
The tradition of the craft has survived because it's fun, it's easy and it works! Read more about the History of this fascinating craft here.

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