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Temari Video Review -
"Japanese thread balls have evolved over the past millennium or more from
recreational applications to exquisite gifts of staggering variety. When Diana Vandervoort and her mother, Dorothy Russell '34, received such gifts, they set about to understand the art and craft involved. Diana has written several books on the subject, and this video is the companion to her first book published by Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., which has the same title.

Together they form a primer for learning Temari through progressive lessons that equip students to continue on their own. Even though this is a primer, it covers all three divisions of Temari--polar, double 8ths, and pentagons. The instruction in the video is so disarmingly clear and
complete that a beginner would tackle his or her first thread ball with perfect confidence...."

John Bartel
UCSB Alumni Magazine
Winter 2003 issue.

The Temari Video is here to accompany Best-selling Beginner Book, Temari: How to Make Japanese Thread Balls

With 5 star reviews on Amazon.com, and a favorite on Carol Duvall's Craft Show on HGTV, DIY Crafts and years on Aleene's Creative Living with Crafts on TNN, Temari is now available to everyone!


  • You've been wanting to learn...
  • And you're yearning for something new and creative,
  • If you're looking for a great craft market item, Temari satisfies the craving! 
  • Now you can learn with the teacher right in your living room! 

The Temari beginner book is the recognized primer for learning the art of Temari. Designed with simple progressive lessons, it teaches all of the basics you need to continue on your own. This video follows each page of the beginner book from start to finish and beyond!

  • Watch as I show you how.
  • Stop your tape, do the step.
  • Learn at your own pace, on your own time.
  • Page numbers on your screen tell exactly where you are.
  • Written captions call special attention to important tips.
  • Just follow me! The camera angle is positioned directly overhead - just go where I go!!

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Diana Vandervoort
10 Fairwood Lane
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Special! For a limited time, get the book, Temari: How to Make Japanese Thread Balls, for just $12.50 when ordering with video. That's a savings of $5.50! California residents add $1.20 sales tax for book, no additional shipping necessary.


Rave Reviews of the video:

"Diana, it is wonderful! Wow, I cannot begin to imagine the time and effort that went into it.. It supports the book beautifully and even on its own it is superb. I've rarely seen an instructional video on anything that is this well done. I know you said it took forever, and I can see why. Considering the content and run time (it goes 2 hrs. 18 mins. by my count) the price is more than reasonable." 
- Ginny Thompson of Temarikai.com

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