Tips and tricks that will help you create amazing Temari Accessories: Brooches or Buttons!

When selecting patterns, consider that a pin or brooch should be no larger than 2-inches diameter. A good tool to help select the scale of the pattern is your thumb and fore or middle finger. If the total pattern fits inside, it’s a good candidate for your project.

For stitching, I used single strands of silk or 6-strand floss together with machine embroidery metallics in a full spectrum of colors. Often the fabric patterns can be left to show through and provide another dimension for the design. Add a little couching for distinction. Use a metallic cord and thin machine embroidery thread to tack it down.

Use contours of the pattern to determine direction of stitches. Keep all stitches within a color area parallel (all the same direction). Change stitching direction in adjacent areas when thread colors change.


Stitch from Background to Foreground.

Lay in the colors in back first. Frequently a simple running stitch can be used for the background with a very minimal amount running under the surface. Staggered, uneven lengths of stitches in long parallel line can cover quickly and effectively.

Sometimes outlining the border of the shape helps to clarify the boundary. Use stem stitch to outline. Then stitch directionally across the shape and over the outline. It’s a nice finished line. Save contrast and highlights or dark shading till the end.

If you have some neat rubber stamps, try them on plain colored fabric; monogram your initials; make hearts or stars for your charity’s donors, or special badges for your stitchery group. Beads and dangles can add further distinction.

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