Making Temari

The TEMARI tradition and legacy has continued for a thousand years because it's fun, easy, creative, and meaningful.

Let’s Begin!

The ball’s surface is random wrapped with sewing thread that evenly covers the ball with threads going in every direction. Thus, stitches can be placed in every direction.

The art of making a Temari starts by identifying two cardinal poles resulting in finding the equator, referred to as the OBI line. Finding directions is simple: Top – North Pole, Bottom – South Pole, and Middle – Equator (OBI), are marked with colored pins.

A plain paper strip with no numbers measures the ball. A pin attaches the strip to the ball. The strip swivels around in a 360-degree circle.

Intricate kaleidoscopic designs that look incomprehensible are merely rhythmic layers of threads in colors or shapes laid down in a pre-planned order.

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Making Temari

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To complete a temari, like finishing a great book, is like losing a friend. But each sequel is like finding gold. It gets better and better! Come join our circle.”
Bob Mauller

Retired Educator, Pasadena, CA