Temari Adventures


TEMARI ADVENTURES is a manual offering seventeen new design projects easy for beginners and experts alike. Four projects include uniting the Temari craft with the use of decorative fabrics pieced together to create spectacular quilt balls.

• 125 pages of step-by-step instructions
• Lavishly illustrated and clearly captioned
• 8 full-color pages of project samples
• Newly reprinted with spiral binding for stitcher convenience

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Temari _ kaleidoscopic, multicolored thread balls – were originally children’s toys in ancient Japanese society. This simple craft has since developed into the exquisite art from found in TEMARI ADVENTURES.

TEMARI ADVENTURES offers nine delightful new designs, including a wonderous Christmas ball and instructions for ”quick and easy” temari thread and ribbon balls for beginners. And, for the first time, four projects are included uniting the temari craft with the gorgeous tradition of using decorative fabrics pieced together to create spectacular quilt balls.

Easy to follow, step-by-step directions are clearly illustrated throughout. The materials required are inexpensive and available in needlecraft stores throughout the United States and Canada. The patterns and techniques in TEMARI ADVENTURES provide a base for infinite variations of color and designs.